Our Story

We believe the key to a great buying experience is to understand what are the needs of our customers & how can we add values for them, hence we started our licensed real estate agency, The Great Haus in 18th September 2018 with that core intention in mind. 

With a current team of more than 500 combined both in east and west Malaysia, we work very closely with top-notch developers in the industry to bring the best products & services to home-buyers across the country, be it for own stay or investment. 

The Great Haus team is a passionate, dynamic, innovative and fun-loving family. With big dreams and a grand mission, we’re looking for great like-minded people to join us - people who are as fearless and entrepreneurial. If you’re looking for a dynamic, no corporate-BS environment to learn, grow, and really make an impact, we are more than welcome to have you as part of our big family!


We are dedicated to give customers the most compelling property buying experience possible and to groom every single one of our team members into great leaders.